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High-performance VSAT terminals and maritime solutions enabling reliable and high-speed connectivity for crews and passengers

Always-on communications for fleet operation, crew and passenger services

AsiaSat's latest high-performance VSAT terminals and maritime solution allow ship owners and operators to access reliable and high-speed on-board data for better operational and maintenance decision-making while serving crews and passengers with high-speed broadband connectivity. 

AsiaSat's maritime VSAT terminals, ranging from 60cm to 1m can serve maritime vessels of all sizes at affordable price. Along with AsiaSat’s enriched portfolio of maritime products and services, from satellite capacity, ground infrastructure to 24/7 Customer Network Centre and other value added services, our end to end connectivity solution enables ship owners and fleet managers to enjoy one-stop and customised maritime services across AsiaSat’s seamless coverage, stretching from Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, South East Asia, Malacca Strait, South China Sea, to Oceania.



Maritime Services Powered by AsiaSat

Fleet Operations

  • Reliable connectivity for secure corporate network access and ship-to-shore communications
  • Enhance safety management
  • Increase crisis handling capability and assistance in case of emergency at sea
  • Data collection and forecasting of weather and ocean conditions
  • Improve crew welfare, training and loyalty

Passenger and Crew Services

  • High speed Internet access (email, browsing, Wi-Fi, social media)
  • Voice
  • Video conferencing
  • Television - live TV and VOD
  • Entertainment service

Why AsiaSat?

  • Over 20 years' experience in serving the maritime sector
  • One-stop, end to end connectivity solution
  • Wide ranging capacity options over major sea routes
  • High-powered Ku-band beams designed with overlapping coverage to enable seamless handover of communication in motion
  • Cross-strap Ku-band beam switching capability for flexible and extended coverage
  • Senior orbital slot filings allowing the use of smaller antenna for optimal performance
  • High service reliability to support critical communications
  • Professional operational and engineering team
  • Dedicated customer service with 24/7 Customer Network Centre

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